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Re: Bug#688166: libnss-gw-name: Please port to libnl-3.x

Hi Joachim,

On 20.09.2012 09:30, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 20.09.2012, 00:12 +0200 schrieb biebl@debian.org:
>> Source: libnss-gw-name
>> Version: 0.2.1-1
>> Severity: normal
>> User: pkg-utopia-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org
>> Usertags: libnl1-removal
>> Hi,
>> libnss-gw-name has a build-dependency on libnl-dev [1].
>> libnl-1.x is no longer actively developed [2] and has been superseded
>> by libnl-3.x [3].
>> Please port libnss-gw-name to this new version resp. notify upstream to get
>> libnss-gw-name updated.
>> One of the major changes in v3 is that the library was split into
>> several smaller libraries. You can find a developer' guide and
>> API documentation for each library at [2].
> thanks for the heads-up. Is this a wheezy release goal or should my
> package not be modified in unstable until after the freeze?

This is not a release goal for wheezy and I'm sure the release team
wouldn't be too happy with such a change during the freeze. If possible
I'd like to drop libnl1 early on in the jessie release cycle.

An upload to experimental would be great, though.

But thanks for the question. I will follow up with the other bug reports
to make that clear and not cause any unwanted uploads to unstable.


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