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Bug#688100: unblock: fglrx-driver/1:12-6+point-2

On 2012-09-20 07:30, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Andreas Beckmann (debian@abeckmann.de):
>> Please unblock package fglrx-driver
> I very strongly object to this.

> I appreciate the effort you have put up to now in maintaining this
> package in an l10n-friendly way so I think we can easily reach an agreement.
> I can for instance make sure you get these 8 needed updates (among
> others probably). I can even "shake" the late comers (there will be some).

That would be great. Let's see how the situation looks on October 1st.

> Many thanks in advance for considering my objection, still..:-)

>From my experience, it takes time to get non-translation updates
approved, therefore I wanted to send the unblock request as early as
possible so that the changes can be reviewed while I'm waiting for
translations to come in. Translation-only updates seem to get accepted
quickly (cf. nvidia-support, nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-96xx).

And I want to get this update in wheezy quickly to avoid collecting a
lot of duplicates of the "on amd64, wine 32bit opengl does not work any
more" bug (due to having the old monolithic ia32-libs installed).
Furthermore it contains wrong or missing information - that was not yet
available during the previous translation round. So while I appreciate
your i18n efforts (and try to make my packages translation friendly), I
think it would be better to temporarily have a partially translated
fglrx-driver package in wheezy. And we are talking about non-free here.

So hopefully once the package migrates, I can make another i18n upload
with all the translations (that could even be aged to get in more quickly).


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