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Bug#687236: unblock: postgresql-9.1/9.1.5-2

Hello Adam,

Adam D. Barratt [2012-09-16 15:17 +0100]:
> On Tue, 2012-09-11 at 06:20 +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> > The other change in -2 is a Breaks/Replaces fix for handling backports
> > variants,
> +  * Fix upgrades from older 9.1 releases in stable Ubuntu -updates/-security
> +    releasese. The strict "<< 9.1.4-2~" check for moving pg_basebackup.1.gz is
> +    not sufficient, as Ubuntu stables have newer upstream releases by now.
> +    - debian/control: Move Breaks/Replaces: from static version to
> +      ${binary:Version}.
> Newer upstream releases without the manpage move?  Apologies if I'm
> missing something here.

We released e. g. 9.1.1-1 into Ubuntu 11.10, which had the manpage at
the wrong place. For security updates, both Debian and Ubuntu just
take the new upstream version, not the complete backport (including
packaging changes) from the development release. By now, all
Ubuntu releases have e. g. 9.1.5-0ubuntu11.10 in -security, which is
larger than 9.1.4-2~. So if you upgrade from 9.1.5-0ubuntu11.10 to
9.1.5-2, the file moving and alternatives handling must still happen.
There is no predefined upper bound for this, as people might upgrade
from 11.10 or 12.04 to a newer version up to four years in the future,
and postgresql-9.1 might be at version 9.1.18 by then or so.

> > and a corresponding preinst transition which only affects
> > Ubuntu (as Debian's archives do not have Debian revisions starting
> > with -0).
> We haven't yet for 9.1, but I assume we will in future.  We already have
> 8.4 updates in stable as -0squeeze1.

Right, so for future Debian backports of 9.1 this will be the same


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