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Bug#687616: unblock php-apc/3.1.13-1

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: unblock

Please unblock package php-apc

The current verson of php-apc in testing (3.1.10-1) was a major release (although that doesn't appear in the version itself) to support PHP 5.4. This current version in unstable (3.1.13-1) is a minor release for bug fixes, which I think we'll benefit from in the long run for Debian stable.

I've waited with this request until some reported bugs in Debian were fixed upstream (e.g. #685893), and now I think the package status is OK for migration to testing.

See changelog at http://pecl.php.net/package-changelog.php?package=APC


unblock php-apc/3.1.13-1

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