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Bug#687587: unblock: mozc/1.5.1090.102-3

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: unblock

Dear release team,

Please unblock mozc/1.5.1090.102-3.

This version enabled hardening.
And when hardening was enabled, the link error of the library occurred.
This version also fixed this problem.

 mozc (1.5.1090.102-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update debian/rules.
     - Enable hardening.
   * Fix linking library of scim.
     Add patches/scim-libs.patch.

unblock mozc/1.5.1090.102-3

Best regards,

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
   iwamatsu at {nigauri.org / debian.org}
   GPG ID: 40AD1FA6

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