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Bug#683303: unblock: kvirc/4:4.1.3+20111124.svn5988-2

  Hi Raúl,

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:44:50PM +0200, Raúl Sánchez Siles wrote:
>   Hi!
>   Thank you very much for the approval. Since I received the freeze exception 
> confirmation I've been searching for an sponsor since I don't have upload rights.
>   After some days pinging on several places I resorted to sponsorship-requests 
> procedure though BTS. The bug number for this is: 687458 I'll let you know 
> anyway when anything relevant happens.
>   I hope someone hands over this.

  Uploaded, thanks for your work.
  Ricardo Mones 
  Quantity derives from measurement, figures from quantities, 
  comparisons from figures, and victories from comparisons. 
                                                              Sun Tzu

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