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Bug#681496: unblock: gunicorn/0.14.5-1

Adam D. Barratt wrote:

> > given the diff against testing (45 files changed, 567 insertions(+),
> > 289 deletions(-)) and the amount of doc & tests updates, it would
> > have been helpful if you had extracted the actual code changes and
> > attached that to your report.
> I've now been through the diff, but further explanation would indeed
> have been helpful.

Sorry Adam, I got really swamped with work and life. :(

> +<li><strong>breaking change</strong>: take the control on graceful
> reload back. +graceful can't be overrided anymore using the on_reload
> function.</li>

I looked into this a little and it's my judgement that it won't actually
break any installations, upstream are just using cautious and precise

Hope that helps. Upstream and I would love to see this version in


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