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Bug#685459: BOINC-App-SETI - new upload, Windows binaries removed

Dear Release Team,

There was a .dll in the previously uploaded sources. This somehow escaped my own lintian runs, but Debian's online ones spotted
it. We are in contact with upstream on this SETI package, who very much support the transition of this version to what becomes
Debian stable. We like it too, having tested it for a while now. We were a bit wary of uploading it because of a series of
upstream changes, but the overseen binaries in the previous source trees triggered it. And upstream was very assuring that the
only development is on the GPU computing side, which we do not support, yet. Coming.

There is no SETI at all in testing since the previous one was removed for some dependency issue. There is hence also nothing you
are protecting by not allowing it to make the switch. The status now is very unfortunate since we cannot even go through backports
with the package being only in unstable. Well, at least it is in unstable. The boinc client packages are kept in the New Queue,
even, since there is yet no reply to our unblock request.

Many thanks and regards,


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