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Bug#684871: unblock: nvidia-graphics-drivers/304.37-1, nvidia-settings/304.37-1, nvidia-xconfig/304.37-1

On 14.08.2012 10:30, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
Please unblock packages nvidia-graphics-drivers, nvidia-settings, and
* Convert *-ia32 into transitional packages due to ia32-libs transition:
    - $pkg:i386 Provides: $pkg-i386
    - $pkg-ia32 Recommends: $pkg-i386
    - Add multiarch instructions to long descriptions.
[ the -ia32 packages are no longer buildable due to the transitional
      ia32-libs in sid ]
* libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386: Add Breaks: ia32-libs (<< 20120701) because that is shipping /usr/lib32/libGL.so.1 which gets no longer diverted away. [ avoid the same problem as reported against fglrx-driver #683853 ]

Wheezy currently has ia32-libs 20120102, so unblocking nvidia-* at the moment seems like it would just cause a different bunch of issues?



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