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Bug#683323: unblock: python-apt/0.8.7

ke, 2012-08-08 kello 01:50 +0200, Cyril Brulebois kirjoitti:

> Julian Andres Klode <jak@debian.org> (30/07/2012):
> > Since the version of testing, this contains mostly bug fixes and
> > many translation updates, but also (starting with 0.8.5) one new
> > module (apt.auth) which is a cleaned up version of an internal
> > software-properties module (and not used by any code in unstable
> > AFAIK).
> Then I'm not sure we need or want this new module in wheezy…

Should this new module be rolled back and a new python-apt release
produced just for Wheezy, then?

> > The versions 0.8.5 and 0.8.6 FTBFS due to this new module, as it did
> > not pass the test suite due to two bugs: (1) missing build-time
> > dependency on version 0.9.6 of apt (and outdated buildds) [fixed in
> > 0.8.6], and (2) because it combined the stderr and stdout of the
> > apt-key command it calls which fails to work on kFreeBSD if
> > LD_PRELOAD is set, as gpg (which is run by apt-key) is setuid there
> > [and we use fakeroot for the apt.auth tests, so it fails]. The
> > latter was fixed in 0.8.7.
> Especially when it took that long to get it to basically work. :(
> I'll leave the pythonish review to some other python-fluent release
> team members anyway; just a bit astonished to see new code at this
> point.

At the very least, we need ASAP a new python-apt that removes the
deprecated dependencies on Python 2.6 and that incorporates fixes to
bugs that existed prior to the freeze.


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