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Bug#661078: britney: ignore additional packages in Sources index

On 2012-07-31 09:30, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> Hi,
> [...]
> I remembered we don't have overrides and thus no Priority or Section
> fields for the extra sources.  As even the current values for overrides
> aren't that useful (most source packages have Priority: source), I had
> an alternative idea:
> Instead of introducing a new field, use Priority: optional for regular
> sources and Priority: extra for the extra sources introduced by
> Built-Using.  At least the latter would also go to Section: source.
> This would also fix #626394 ("Priority: source" in Sources).
> Ansgar

Short: Sounds good to me.

AFAICT, we don't use Priority for any thing in Britney, so it won't
cause a lot of issues.  The only thing is that Britney does not include
"Priority" in the control files she writes.
  However, I believe she is the only consumer of those control files.
If we assume "Priority: optional" if the field is missing, this should
not be an issue[1].

If you change the value of the source field, that should also be fine.
I see it is written to the "HeidiResult" file, but I think that
particular column is stripped by another of our scripts before it is
passed on (I think we use that column to strip out our "faux" packages).


[1] The filtering would ensure that she would never write a "Priority:
extra" source in the control files, so the assumption should be reasonable.

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