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Re: Bug#681097: CVE-2012-3386: Information disclosure

On Wed, 2012-07-25 at 00:32 -0400, Eric Dorland wrote:
> Sorry Jonathan, due to some personal commitments and the flu I haven't
> gotten to this yet. But I'll prepare these by the end of the week.

It appears this was uploaded already, as it's now sitting in p-u-NEW.
Now that that's happened, it will get processed in due course, but for
any future issues, please bear in mind that Jonathan's message said:

> > Please prepare a minimal-changes upload targetting each of these suites,
> > and submit a debdiff to the Release Team [0] for consideration. They will
> > offer additional guidance or instruct you to upload your package.
>> 0: debian-release@lists.debian.org

We should consider changing that to be a request to file a bug, but in
any case the discussion is intended to happen /before/ the upload, not
as a result of it.



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