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Bug#675762: I don't see the license violation here

Bart Martens <bartm@debian.org> writes:
> On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 10:11:59PM +0200, Rune Tendal Kock wrote:

>> Most of the files in DJB's original tarball are marked "public domain".
>> There seems no doubt to me that DJB has in that way given permission to
>> do anything to the files.

> The text is clearly "You may distribute unmodified copies of the cdb
> package", not "you may do anything to the files".

I similarly don't agree with Rune's analysis, but djb later changed the
license in a separate statement on his web site (he did it for nearly all
of his projects), which clearly does state that all the files are now
public domain.  So there's no need to parse that statement; it's
thankfully been superseded.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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