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Re: citadel 8.14

Hi everyone,

heres the list Michael requested.

For the biggest chunk the responsibility is an update of TinyMCE in the distribution tarball.

However it isn't used by the pkg-citadel .debs; we remove it from the install target path during the package build and rather depend on the tinymce.deb already provided by debian.

Fr Jul 20 2012 22:28:51 CEST von "Michael Meskes" <meskes@debian.org> Betreff: citadel 8.14

files are no longer distributed in 8.14. However, webcit does have quite a huge
debdiff and I haven't yet found the time to check if this is only a
reorganization or a rewrite of some of the code. Wilfried should be able to
explain that, though.


And here is the detailed List, which also concerns the .deb:

- fix some CSS Quirks in the Blog-View and other parts

- make shure Calendar, Task & VCard edits end up in the propper room by specifying go=
- fix generating of plain text downstream & multipart mime when sending mails to external
- respect the reply-to header when replying to a mail which specifies it

- fix memory leak

- there were several tokens which rendered the current roomname into the templates with different features; unify to one and fix templates.

- since we can handle / ignore newer server configs just put the warning about this into syslog, don't expose it to the user.

- mailq-display: fix the in-page loading which broke with webcit 8.05; add output of currently active SMTP-Deliveries
- wholist: add possibility to filter for user (used by the smtp-deliveries list above)
- move the edit my sessions room & host dialog into a template

- fix IGNet-roomshare dialog; sequence needed to be swapped so the js could do its work
- Add re-schedule sending of all messages to other node via IGNet to IGNet-roomshare dialog
- Add JS capability to use the tiny feedback div, so the div needs to be there always

- flush the "ImportantMessage" on the end of the request not on insetrion, so it can be evaluated later on in the template.

- fix the loading of the users biography; linebreaks were lost.

- exclude auto-generated files from dist-tarballs
- increment version


Wilfried Goesgens

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(_) \(_)...

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