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Bug#682279: unblock: libweb-id-perl/1.921-3

On 12-07-21 at 01:53pm, Philipp Kern wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 11:02:33AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Then reject it, if you find it too unpleasing!!!
> I hope you realize that Cyril is only doing his job. You're not being 
> helpful and albeit I'm tempted to just say "No problem" to that 
> statement it would still leave an RC bug open.

Sorry for my brevity and for the trailing exclamation marks.

I read the mail from Cyril and was puzzled as to how to react on it.  
Let me try in a nicer manner to elaborate on my confusion...:

Is the noise of the non-crucial changes so problematic (a.k.a. 
unpleasing) that the release team considers the current package 
unsuitable for getting an exception from the freeze?

I honestly did not consider that "noise" as "significant changes not 
related to the bug to be fixed", as it is phrased at the fine 

Do the release team consider the package unsuitable for freeze exception 
due to the lack of bug reference in the changelog (the bug was 
unfortunately unavailable to reference at the time the package was 
produced and I honestly was unaware that such reference was problematic 
for the release team to get passed in the freeze exception bugreport)?

Do the release team consider the package unsuitable for freeze exception 
due to the user-only oriented changelog entry - i.e. lack of verbose 
enough details in changelog for release managers to follow _how_ the 
issue was fixed?

Would it be more helpful of me to upload another package release that 
rephrased the changelog to be more helpful for release managers to 
understand how non-newest-debhelper-style packaging was performed 
internally?  Should I do that in addition to the user-oriented changelog 
entry or instead of it?

Would it be more helpful if I had not asked these questions but instead 
just uploaded a new package fixing these three issues raised by Cyril?

Especially that last question I ask explicitly so that I can most 
smoothly help you guys do your jobs for other of packages I may be 
involved in requesting freeze exceptions for.

Kind regards, and thanks for your great work,


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