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Re: sgml-base again

> 1) #681194
>    Symptom: For any package using dh_installcatalogs if you
>      install, remove, upgrade from squeeze to wheezy and then install
>      that package, you can see a useless conffile prompt.

>    Fixing this: Any fix requires a *transition* involving about 20
>      packages.
A fix would need a debhelper (dh_installcatalogs) update, Helmut should
have the details and a patch as discussed on irc.

Thereafter it needs probably redoing
with the fixed debhelper - this will need sourceful uploads (NMUs) since
most of the affected packages are arch:all

>    Question: Can we wheezy-ignore this issue?
If this gets ignored for wheezy we can also close the bug as wontfix, as
for wheezy+1 there won't be any affected packages from the squeeze age
be left. The only way to trigger the bug would be
  install $PKG (from squeeze)
  remove $PKG (don't purge)
  distupgrade (to wheezy)
  distupgrade (to wheezy+1)
  install $PKG (from wheezy+1)
but I think in that case it would be ok to show the conffile prompt (and
that would be essentially an unsupported squeeze->wheezy+1 upgrade for $PKG)


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