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Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] Getting postgresql-8.4 8.4.12-2 into wheezy

Re: Mehdi Dogguy 2012-07-19 <50080B96.5050002@dogguy.org>
> On 19/07/12 15:23, Martin Pitt wrote:
> >8.4 was never meant to be in wheezy in the first place.
> Should we remove it from testing then? (nothing depends on it afaict).

The problem is a bit more complex:

postgresql-8.4 (8.4.12-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Drop all binary packages except for postgresql-plperl-8.4.  Version 8.4 is
    obsolete and not supported in Wheezy any more, and there are no remaining
    reverse dependencies any more. However, postgresql-plperl-8.4 from Squeeze
    is not installable in Wheezy any more due to the different Perl version,
    so we need a postgresql-plperl-8.4 built against libperl5.14 so that you
    can upgrade your existing 8.4 clusters to 9.1. Drop unnecessary build
    dependencies and disable the optional features to speed up the build.

 -- Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>  Wed, 20 Jun 2012 07:26:18 +0200

The remaining postgresql*-8.4 packages from squeeze will continue to
work on wheezy, but we do need an updated version of
postgresql-plperl-8.4 in wheezy so people can upgrade libperl* without
breaking their databases. (So they can do the DB upgrade after the OS
upgrade. The other way round doesn't work for the same reason, as the
new postgresql-plperl-9.1 package is uninstallable on squeeze.)

There's one more issue with that package, it "depends: postgresql-8.4"
which makes it uninstallable in wheezy, but will work on systems
upgraded from squeeze. The dependency is technically correct, as it
enforces that it doesn't get installed where it is otherwise useless,
but it might be preferable to just drop that dependency so that
doesn't trigger QA scripts checking wheezy. I'm not sure which way is
better - both might be worth a note in the wheezy release notes about
upgrading PostgreSQL databases using PL/Perl.

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