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pysvn: RC fix #678559 as new upstream release


 I've fixed RC bug #678559 as introducing new upstream release.
 This debdiff is huge, however, most of the code is able to be ignored.
 - Some of them are for Win32 and MacOSX, we can ignore it.
 - Rest of them are "PyCXX" library, but Debian use it as python-cxx-dev 
   package to specified with "--pycxx-src-dir=/usr/share/python$*/CXX",
   so we can ignore it.

 So, you may think why I didn't create minimum set patch from upstream.
 Because, I don't want to introduce _any_ regression _by Debian_.

 - pysvn supports subversion1.7
 - not introduce any regression by Debian
 - easy apply security update in the future if vulnerablity will be
 - we can step forward to unblock subversion1.7
   (as http://release.debian.org/britney/hints/jcristau)

 - it is not suitable for basic freeze rule

 - upstream code seems to be stable enough, no critical issue was reported 
   and upstream haven't released any patch for this version since 3rd Mar 2012
   - it's before freeze (I wonder why current package maintainer didn't put it 
   to repository.

 Please consider to allow pushing this update to repository.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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