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Bug#681002: release.debian.org: Freeze exception for libguestfs

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 08:28:10 +0200, Hilko Bengen wrote:

> There have been three minor upstream releases since 1.18.1. The project
> is based around autoconf/automake (57 Makefile.am files), and much of
> the source code for the various language bindings is automatically
> generated, so there are more than a few "false positives".
> If this is still not acceptable, what about a 1.18.2-2wheezy1 that just
> fixes #678977 (upgrade breakage due to multiarch change), #680885,
> #680886 (multiarch coinstall)?
wheezy is not affected by any of those 3 bugs as far as I can tell,
since they're all related to the multiarch switch which isn't in


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