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Re: lesstif2 multiarch conversion


Michael Gilbert <mgilbert@debian.org> (15/07/2012):
> Given the reservations expressed lately with respect to multiarch
> conversions, I would like to request advance feedback on a possible
> lesstif2 nmu enabling multiarch.  This is bug #677788, which is one of
> the final blockers for ia32-libs.  There is already a patch created by
> Peter Samuelson that I would like to apply and upload.
> Would the release team be willing to consider this?

here's my understanding on the current situation. Other release team
members are more than welcome to ACK/NACK any bits.

As I already said elsewhere, bumping debhelper and enabling multiarch is
what I consider invasive changes, with possible breakages in the reverse
dependencies, which one might only notice long after they are
introduced. Even for the sake of getting rid of ia32-libs, that seems
way too late for me.

For the record, even multiarch support in dpkg was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too
late, but it was still uploaded more than 4 months ago; furthermore, the
dpkg side wasn't even needed to make packages multiarch-ready; so please
don't complain if you didn't manage to get packages uploaded before the

On a related note, there's still no dpkg support for coinstallibility of
binNMU'd packages, and we already said we wouldn't consider such a patch
anyway, because it's just way too late.

As sad as it is, it looks to me like ia32-libs will go away in wheezy+1.


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