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Re: Bug#681599: vim/python2.7: symbol lookup error: vim: undefined symbol: init_hashlib

Hi James,

James McCoy <jamessan@debian.org> (15/07/2012):
> So a simple binNMU won't help because it wouldn't have a tight enough
> dependency and therefore could transition before python2.7, leaving a
> broken Vim in Wheezy.

you could keep a serious bug open until python2.7 migrates, to solve the
issue you're mentioning. That wouldn't help with partial upgrades
though (upgrading vim without libpython2.7), so not really a solution.

> Shall I make a sourceful upload of Vim with a libpython2.7 (>=
> 2.7.3-2) Depends and request it be unblocked or is there another way
> we should solve this?

I think that's a way to go.

(Another might be to get python2.7 to bump its shlibs and to get packages
rebuilt against it. But really, I don't know anything about the pythonish


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