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which udev release for wheezy?

Due to my day job commitments[1] I have been unable to work on udev 
for the last six months[2].

My original plan was to ship in wheezy udev 182, which was released 
in March, but I missed the freeze deadline and I know that uploading 
it now without comments would not be approved by the release team.

There are no significant functional differences between 175 and 182, 
except for it depending on devtmpfs (which is not a problem for us), 
but the source trees are very different due to some big source 
reorganization which happened in release 176 (files were moved and 
some external binaries have become builtin).
I believe that the very small number of changes since 176 (released on 
january 11) show that upstream udev 182 is a stable release suitable 
for wheezy.

The alternative is to ship udev 175 (the version currently in testing) 
with 35-40 backported patches to fix its bugs.

As the udev maintainer and frequent upstream contributor since it 
exists, it is my opinion that attempting to ship udev 175 + patches
would be very time consuming and probably deliver a package with more 
While it may be be possible to backport all the newer fixes to 175, 
I fear that this would introduce subtle bugs due to the big source 
changes in 183, and then we would end up anyway with something 
unsupported and hated by the upstream maintainers.

My proposal for wheezy is to:
- immediately fix a few major packaging issues of udev 175 in testing
- upload udev 182 to unstable and keep it there for a few months
- evaluate migrating 182 to testing later (in september?)

[1] http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeweb/ are the photographic proofs
[2] Why I did not search for co-maintainers? It did not work for ppp


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