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Bug#681290: unblock: spice-gtk/0.12-4

On 12.07.2012 07:47, Liang Guo wrote:
Please unblock spice-gtk.

I upload 0.12-3 to unstable at 29th Jun, and
find a bug[1] which forbit other package to
compile. Then I uploaded 0.12-4 at 9th July,
and this cause 0.12-3 cannot automatically
migrate to testing

The difference between 0.12-3 and 0.12-4 is slight, just
copy .version and .tarball-version to build directory.
for the build script use the version information in
.tarball-version to determine the version it is building.

Testing currently has 0.12-1, so the changes which are relevant are everything after that, not just those in -4.



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