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Bug#681107: unblock: qscintilla2/2.6.2-1

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: freeze-exception

Please unblock package qscintilla2

I'd like to ask for a freeze exception based on the 'beyond a maintainer's
control' part of the loose freeze policy.  Upstream released this before the
freeze (and I would have uploaded it then, the same time I did sip4 and
python-qt4), but upstream didn't mention it on their mailing list (to which I
am subscribed) - as they usually do) and the upstream version checking of PTS
was (unknown to me) broken until this week.  I had two different wawys I would
have expected to know about this release and I think it's reasonalbe of me to
have relied on one of the two working.

I just found out about this yesterday while trying to figure out what's up
with the PTS (turns out it was just fixed and the data is catching up).

Upstream is good about giving support for versions they release together.  If
there are problems later in the freeze (or post-release) I think I'll get more
help from upstream is qscintilla2 is updated to be contemporaneous with sip4
and pythonqt4.

The major change for this release is Qt5 compatibility (something that is
also in the lastest python-qt4), but since we don't build against Qt5, it does
not directly affect Debian.  Beyond that it has some minor API extensions (no
API/ABI breaks) and some bug fixes that would be good to get in.

2.6.2-1 is in experimental (just uploaded) to facilitate review.  The diff is
ugly, in large part due to directory renaming in big chunks of the source and

unblock qscintilla2/2.6.2-1

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