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Bug#680901: nmu: rpy_1.0.3-21

clone 680901 -1
reassign -1 python-rpy 1.0.3-21
retitle -1 needs tighter dependency on R

On 2012-07-09 03:16, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> RuntimeError: No module named _rpy2151
> Rebuilding rpy in a clean sid chroot replaces
>   usr/lib/python2.?/dist-packages/_rpy2150.so
> with
>   usr/lib/python2.?/dist-packages/_rpy2151.so

I just requested a binNMU, but this should be handled more general in
the rpy package:
python-rpy needs a tighter dependency on r-base-core as the module has
the R version encoded in its name. If this can be handled at build time,
e.g. by setting and using a substvar, e.g. ${R-upstream-version}, and
    Depends: ...,
      r-base-core (>= ${R-upstream-version}),
      r-base-core (<< ${R-upstream-version}.0),
binNMUs will be sufficient to update the dependencies while the stricter
versioning will ensure that rpy gets rebuild before a new R patch level
release (1.15.x) can migrate to testing.


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