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Bug#680383: unblock: pinta/1.3-2 (-1 in exp currently)


Iain Lane <laney@debian.org> (05/07/2012):
> Please ack an unblock of package pinta. I just uploaded it to
> experimental in case you deny this request, so we still have room to
> cherry-pick bug fixes in.

thanks for that.

> 1.3 is an upstream bug fix release that came out quite some time ago,
> but I missed due to a debian/watch FAIL on my part. It's true that
> Debian users haven't filed bugs for the issues that are fixed in this
> release but nonetheless they are real and should be fixed IMHO.
> Upstream don't ship a NEWS file in the tarball, but there's one on their
> website
>   http://pinta-project.com/Releases.1-3.ashx

Feel free to paste the “fixed bugs” section in your mail next time, it's
nice to have all info in a single place.

> Attached is a diff. I filtered out translation changes and my updating
> of debian/copyright. The headline is
>   55 files changed, 634 insertions(+), 386 deletions(-)

That's large, but doesn't look too insane; finding/fixing regressions
should be doable.

> If you ack this in principle, I'll upload to unstable as 1.3-2 and
> then you can unblock that.

I suggest you wait for extra opinions from other release team members,
but my gut feeling would be an upload to unstable, where it would stay
for an extended period (say 20 days), so that we have time to catch
possible regressions.


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