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Bug#680693: unblock: qemu-kvm/1.1.0+dfsg-1

Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru> (08/07/2012):
> That version grew a bug which people were hitting often -- #679788,
> thats the only reason I hurried up with the new version.  People
> started upping severity exactly to STOP it from entering testing.
> So there's no way it'd enter testing with this bug, even it if
> has an easy workaround.

Heh? It's your call as the maintainer of a given package to set a bug
report's severity. Depending on the actual bug and the easiness of the
workaround, sticking to severity: important could have worked just fine.

Of course, we could have answered that if you had actually asked us
before uploading and killing the automatically-granted exception…

> What I can say for sure is that I wont be able to support 1.0 version
> (which is currently in testing).  It will be difficult already to
> support 1.1, due to the same reasons, but at least the bugs already
> fixed in 1.1 are not needed to be backported.

Are you saying we should never release qemu-kvm? Or that you /could/
work out something if we would let 1.1 in wheezy?

> Well.  Let's remove it from wheezy when.  I can work it out in the
> bpo, it will even be easier this way.  After all, I already carried
> it for about 2 years from my site during lenny times.

Maybe we could make something happen anyway, e.g. by letting it stay for
a longer period in unstable before considering an unblock. But I'll let
some other team members voice their opinion on this topic.


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