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Freeze exception for warsow{-data}

Dear release team,

Warsow and warsow-data were removed from unstable/testing (#648317 and
#652949 respectively) back in November of 2011 due to several open
FTBFS bugs against warsow, and no response from the Debian Games team
or any of warsow's uploaders. I had originally intended to
re-introduce warsow back to unstable by packaging a new upstream
release and fixing all the FTBFS bugs currently filed against warsow,
but I unfortunately didn't do so in time for the freeze. However, I
would still like to see warsow packaged for wheezy, even if it's an
older release.

Would warsow (and warsow-data) qualify for a freeze exception if I
uploaded the last version that migrated to testing (0.50+dfsg1-1)
prior to being removed, with only the following changes?
- Fix FTBFS bugs #593700, #564108, and #564109, with the patches
attached in those bug reports
- Add myself to warsow's list of Uploaders

The above changes should address all the concerns that led to warsow's
removal (namely, the unfixed FTBFS bugs and the fact that warsow was
essentially unmaintained).


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