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Freeze exception for openclipart2?


I'm the maintainer of openclipart2 and wondering whether it is eligible for a freeze exception. The newest version, 2.0-2 (updated from 2.0-1) fixed bugs with typos in the control file, which caused confusion. These bugs are #676911 and #678666. 2.0-2 is already in unstable and is set to enter testing in 5 days.

On one hand, this is not a crucial update. On the other hand, it has no chance of breaking anything (since it only changes a few lines in the description part of the control file) and would eliminate confusion caused by the typos in the old version. I saw that documentation fixes are listed as a valid reason for a freeze exception, but I'm not sure if this falls in that category or not.

So, is a freeze exception appropriate in this kind of situation?

Martin Kelly

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