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Bug#673538: libobjc3 -> libobjc4 transition


[Quoting and not breaking threading are generally appreciated... :-/]

On 29.06.2012 14:29, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
I just read that there might not be time to do the transition, but
this bug actually combined two transitions: the libobjc transition and
the gnustep transition. If the gnustep transition isn't going to
happen, we still need to finish libobjc4 transition on the archs that
have gcc 4.7 as default, right? Because at the moment there is a mix
of packages depending on libobjc3 and libobjc4, which in the case of
for example SOGo means that both libobjc3 and libobjc4 get pulled in.

My understanding was that if necessary (which given that the freeze is tomorrow it might be), this could be resolved without a transition by having gnustep-make explicitly depend on gobjc-4.6 for the wheezy cycle; see #676229.

Yavor, is that correct?



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