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Patch for #660260 (gnudatalanguage FTBFS) from upstream may come only after the freeze


I know it's late, but after quite some prodding by me and others,
upstream of gnudatalanguage is finally working on

Unfortunately so far the first two patch versions I received from
upstream didn't completely solve this issue.

They asked in their last mail if this is "critical for this week",
which makes me suspect that they may not be able to produce a complete
patch in time for the freeze on Saturday.

Since all three bugs which are currently open against gnudatalanguage
are the same issue (2x FTBFS, merged; 1x uninstallable),
gnudatalanguage has no other known issues and was in testing before
the above issue for over half a year without any other issues.

So it'd be nice to know if the release team in principle would grant a
freeze exception (of course subject to the final debdiff) for an
upload of gnudatalanguage to fix this issue.

The necessary patch -- based on what has been[1] and will be committed
for this issue in the upstream CVS repo -- will likely only remove one
file, patch the Makefile to no more compile or link that file, and
update a few files to use functions from plplot instead of those from
the removed file. It seems currently that only two source code file to
need such a modification.

[1] http://gnudatalanguage.cvs.sf.net/viewvc/gnudatalanguage/gdl/src/Makefile.am?r1=1.62&r2=1.63&sortby=date

Current build failures suggest that also plotting_xyouts.cpp needs to
be modified.
Upstream also patched (or rather checked in a generated) Makefile.in,
but since since autoreconf/dh_autoreconf is used in the package,
patching Makefile.in should not be necessary there.


		Regards, Axel
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