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Xmms2 in new


xmms2 is in new[1] and might not do it for freeze, and I was wondering
which option I should follow.

The last upload of xmms2 add support for client wrote in ruby1.9.1, and
change ruby package name and installed path to follow the new ruby

It also fix one documentation bug, and add a fix that should help the
package to be more reliably build on kbsd architecture. 

The change are small (most of the binaries packages are unchanged, and
in particular not the core package and its plugins), and I believe useful
(ruby1.9.1 is the default ruby version for the next release, and
supporting seem to me to be important. The more reliable build on kbsd
could have security implication if we have to make a security upload in
the future).

So here are the option I see:
- upload a new version that don't follow ruby policy name for ruby
  package, putting ruby1.9.1 binding in the already existing
  libxmmsclient-ruby binary package.
- wait for the new queue to be processed, and hope to have a freeze
  exception latter for the xmms2 package

I would prefer the last one, but need some advice on it.


Rémi Vanicat

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