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gcc-4.6 gcc-defaults, gcc-mingw and wheezy

gcc-defaults in testing depends on gccgo-4.6 which is no longer built by the gcc-4.6 source package in unstable. The new gcc-defaults in unstable is blocked from migrating due to the standoff between the release team and the gcc maintainers over gcc-4.7. As a result of this gcc-4.6 cannot migrate to testing.

This is bad for two reasons

Firstly there are a significant number of bugfixes between the version in testing and the version in unstable including a number of fixes for internal compiler errors and the fix for 670821 (currently if gcc-4.6 is rebuilt in wheezy it's behaviour will change in ways that cause other packages to FTBFS).

Secondly gcc-mingw-w64 was built against gcc-4.6 4.6.3-5 and it generates it's binary versions from the gcc source versions (plus a suffix for it's own version). This means that rebuilding gcc-mingw-w64 in wheezy (even with a bumped source version) will result in binaries with a lower version than those currently in the wheezy archive. It also raises potential GPL compliance issues for wheezy CDs.

There may be other packages in a similar state to gcc-mingw-w64, I haven't checked (i'm only aware of thise one because I noticed the issue while working on a dervitive of debian).

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