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Re: sylpheed in wheezy

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 08:58:43AM +0200, Ricardo Mones wrote:
>   Dear Release Team,
>   Sylpheed upstream has published a release plan for next Sylpheed stable
> version, 3.2 [0] and the release it's planned for next 29 June.
>   If possible, I would like to have this version instead of current beta or
> the next rc, as it's the version which gets the security fixes from
> upstream.


I notice you've uploaded the latest beta. I would suggest that packaging
and uploading 3.2 the *same day* would be a very good idea, if not
Have you thought about contacting upstream to get a pre-release out
immediately? If so, and you manage to miss the freeze, then hopefully
the diff between those versions may be small enough to review.


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