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Re: warzone2100 & wheezy

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 11:09:02AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Dear release team,
> warzone2100 3.1 beta 11 was released today and I would like it and
> future 3.1 versions to enter wheezy. 3.1 is the culmination of a year's
> work and brings some important improvements (like deterministic network
> multiplayer). The only changes from beta 11 to the final release will be
> bug fixes. Their plan for 3.1 is to make one small fix to the server
> code and then do a release candidate. The current version in Debian
> 2.3.8 is entirely unsupported by upstream and they request that
> warzone2100 be removed from wheezy if 3.1 is not accepted.


Thanks for your mail. I would suggest considering if you would be happy
to support beta 11 for the length of the next release, and if so, upload
it to unstable *today*.
Then, if the final release is simply bug fixes and the freeze has
occured, an exception can be applied for using the standard criteria. If
not, then it can be processed through unstable in the usual way.

If it's not something you're happy to think about supporting, please let
me know and I can file a removal hint for you.


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