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Samba 3.6.6 due out July 2nd...

Hello dear release team,

The Samba Team was planning to ship Samba 3.6.6 (their "stable"
release with many bugfixes....but *only* bugfixes) as of May 25th.

However, a late notice of a possible security issue was discovered
during that week and the Samba release manager delayed the release
until this is sorted out.

This security issue finally turned out to not be one (we, maintainers,
were in the loop since its discovery and so was the Debian security
team)....and now the Samba Team is cooking up their 3.6.6
release. And, as they are as careful as the Debian release team, it
takes time..:-)

Still, Karolin Seeger, the Samba release manager, announce recently in
the samba-technical mailign list tjhat the 3.6.6 release is due out
for July 2nd.

I really would like to have this in Debian wheezy, particularly
because the Samba Team listened a *lot* to our needs and was
originally planning to do their release in May *because* of the
planned Debian freeze..:-)

So, I would like to pre-ask for a freeze exception for samba in case
wheezy is frozen before July 2nd. Of course, it would be better to do
that with a diff, but:
- I don't have it
- it will be quite big (as I said, many bugfixes).

Given the very low history of regression in Samba 3.6.* release cycle,
I think it's a low-risk exception.

Many thanks in advance it that's possible.


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