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Re: facing upto #674267

On 19/06/12 09:10, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> 1.) compile against gcc-4.5 and g++-4.5
> 2.) set the magic TAOCRYPT_DISABLE_X86ASM thingy causing SSL connections
> on those platforms to be slower.


Did you try yet with gcc-4.4?

And have you checked with a newer gcc-4.7 package, just in case one of
the (quite important) bug fixes in past weeks have made any difference?

Otherwise, if TAOCRYPT_DISABLE_X86ASM would disable the "highliy
optimized code", and if upstream have been reluctant to deal with that,
I personally would accept any amount of performance loss by falling back
to other code if it works and seems more maintainable.

Steven Chamberlain

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