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Bug#677574: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#677574: transition: libv8

On 17/06/2012 12:52, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 12-06-17 at 12:06pm, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>> according to [1] we have
>> "After Sunday the 20th of May, any new transitions are likely not to be
>> processed until after the release."
>> So that transition is way too late, and the result is that libv8 3.10.8
>> should be uploaded to experimental instead.
>> Closing this bug.
> Whoa - would you mind reconsidering that?
> unlikely != impossible
> ...and this transition seems a pretty lightweight one to me: three 
> packages (with no other packages depending on them) needing a simple 
> rebuild, and one package not even in testing at all at the moment and 
> also cauising no other "ripples" as I can see, which needs minor work.
> Why give up without even trying?

* one month too late
* chromium isn't even using libv8 nor libv8-i18n
* nodejs won't be in wheezy
* current libv8 seems good enough for drizzle and osmium

* libv8 3.10.8 won't require transition for each patch-level fix,
  and that is something really good from a security-team P.O.V.
* i spent a hell of a lot of time to make sure it runs on mipsel
* and as a bonus it runs on kfreebsd-*

More cons that pros, still if someone (a DD, of course) want
to make that transition *today* i'll be happy to do my part of the
job (i.e. upload nodejs compatible with libv8-3.10.8).


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