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Wheezy Freeze

Hello all,

I'm writing in response to  the email on the 13th announcing the
upcoming freeze, tentatively occurring in the second half of June.  I
would have responded immediately, but wanted to make sure that I had
all of my ducks in a row first.

I joined Eucalyptus in late November of last year and was hired to
handle their releases atop Ubuntu and Debian, with a focus on
inclusion in Debian itself.  With a ton of help from Steffen, who
mentored me through the DM process, Charles, who has been an active
contributor to our efforts for some time, and others, I have been able
to fill in the gaps of dependencies for Eucalyptus in preparation for
uploading it to Sid - minus one - GWT.

We have contracted that GWT work out to a Debian Partner company
credativ, run by Chris Halls, a Debian Developer.  They should be
wrapping that work up by freeze.

IRT to Eucalyptus itself, we have an internal goal date set of June
15th.  While this *should* beat the freeze date, Steffen informs me it
is generally frowned upon this close to freeze to upload a new package
of such complexity, which is the reason I am writing you today.

I'm hoping to get your blessing, or seal of approval, or at least an
"ah, go ahead!" to upload Eucalyptus to Sid in mid-June.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration on the matter.



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