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Bugfix releases for Tryton expected (was: Bits from the Release Team: Freeze approaching!)

* Betr.: " Bits from the Release Team: Freeze approaching!" (Sun, 13 May 2012
  22:45:36 +0200):


> Freeze planning
> ===============
> As you might remember, we are aiming at a freeze in June.  The exact
> date has not been determined yet. However, given the large amount of
> work remaining, we are now targeting a freeze in the *second half of
> June*.
> If there is something you really believe should be in Wheezy and you
> expect that it will not be ready before we freeze, please contact us
> *now*.

We are expecting another of the usual bugfix releases [1] for Tryton, which will
happen *after* the second half of June. Those bugfix releases are well tested
and should go in either case into wheezy.

The Tryton version planned to be in wheezy is 2.2, which is currently in
testing. The current stable release 2.4 was uploaded to experimental with
regard to the upcoming freeze, because it didn't get any bugifx release so far. 


[1] http://news.tryton.org/2012/05/maintenance-releases-for-supported.html


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