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binnmus for #477751

Dear release team,

We now have sgml-base 1.26+nmu3 and debhelper 9.20120528 in sid. The
final step to fix #477751 is to get rid of update-catalog invocations
embedded by debhelper.

To discover the packages needing work I used the following command:

find /srv/lintian.debian.org/laboratory/ -type f -path "*/control/p*" -print0 | xargs -0r grep -C3 update-catalog

The output is attached.

The following set of packages can be updated using binNMUs:

festival jade linuxdoc-tools metacity-common:metacity mutter openjade

The following set of packages builds arch:all packages and needs manual

debiandoc-sgml docbook docbook-dsssl docbook-ebnf docbook-html-forms
docbook-mathml docbook-simple docbook-slides docbook-website docbook-xml
dtd-ead libcommons-validator-java python-docutils sgml-data sgml2x
w3-dtd-mathml w3c-dtd-xhtml xml-core

How to proceed with them?

The following set of packages needs extra work:

xml2rfc #674911 (does not use dh_installcatalogs, manual conversion)
sgml-data #674913 (remove transitional update-catalog calls)
sgmltools-lite #674914 (remove transitional update-catalog calls)


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