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Bug#674634: transition: celt


On Sat, 2012-05-26 at 18:38 +0930, Ron wrote:
> Roar, I've been assured by its upstream is likewise easy to just disable
> support for it - but the-me is giving me some pointless pushback ...
> I'll NMU that too when the time comes if really needed if this is the
> final blocker.
> There shouldn't be any other flow on from this so far as I know.
> Some of these packages may enable Opus support instead, but doing so
> is not a prerequisite for us being able to remove celt for Wheezy.

Removal of CELT will remove a major feature of src:roaraudio. It will
not render the package useless just will make it useless for a group of
users. This is why we like to make this a smooth transition with getting
in Opus first, then removing CELT. Also note that this transition needs
users using it to change config so it should not be a single upload
removing one and adding the other.

The cirtical factor is time here. Ron Lee is a bit late with this
transition in the release cycle. Had he given us about a month more we
would have done all this already and everybody would be happy.

I have discusses several possibile ways to get this solved with the-me
(the maintainer). In fact both of us would *really* like to get this
done. CELT always added some extra work both upstream and in maintaining
packages because of the unfrozen bitstream.

 (Rah of PH2)

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