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Bug#672142: transition: allegro4.4

Tobias Hansen <tobias.han@gmx.de> (19/05/2012):
> Ok, one thing we should do before the upload is to remove the sonames
> from all newly introduced dev package names, right? And mention newly
> introduced packages explicitly in the changelog. Anything else?

$ grep Package'.*'dev debian/control 
Package: liballegro4.2-dev
Package: liballeggl4.4-dev
Package: libjpgalleg4.4-dev
Package: libloadpng4.4-dev

So the first one will be moved to liballegro4-dev later, when the
transition is over, and others could be named lib${foo}4-dev instead,
from the beginning (with this very upload). If that's correct, please
implement that and ping me back.


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