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Re: [debian-mysql] mysql-5.1 or both mysql-5.5/1

Clint firstly thanks for transitioning ubuntu 12.04 to 5.5 that gives me all the more reason to upgrade my vps's that are currently on 10.04

Is there a slated release date for 5.6? if what clint is saying is true in regards to oracle not supporting 3 versions it would be better to drop 5.1 for 5.5 and eventually 5.6.

To make your life easier Nicholas couldnt you pull the 5.5 packages from ubuntu and start transitioning using those packages?

On 4/26/12 12:27 AM, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
Another approach is to hedge our bets a bit.

1.)  complete nysql-5.5 going into unstable
2.) migrate dependents onto 5.5 (which AFAIK if it is just a rebuild is a job for the release team) and kick off the translation process. 3.) Then take a view on whether drop 5.1 or fix the RC bugs in 5.1 and have both.

On 25/04/12 18:59, Clint Byrum wrote:
Excerpts from Jonathan Aquilina's message of Wed Apr 25 09:23:31 -0700 2012:
On 4/25/12 6:18 PM, Clint Byrum wrote:
Excerpts from Jonathan Aquilina's message of Tue Apr 24 23:07:10 -0700 2012:
I know I am not part of the team to make this final decision, but this
is how I feel about the situation.

This has a double edged sword given by the arguments below. A transition is going to have to happen at some point, and I think the biggest thing
to consider is this. I had red some documentation, and 5.5 has had a
bunch of performance enhancements done to the InnoDB engine. Also from some oracle devs that I have spoken to more performance enhancements are
slated for 5.6.

I am running a number of ubuntu servers, and I am actually considering
installing 5.5 which would be nice to have in the repositories and
eventually in a down stream ubuntu release.
Its important to note that Ubuntu already did this transition.

Ubuntu 12.04 (releasing tomorrow) ships with MySQL 5.5.22, and 5.1 has
been dropped from future Ubuntu releases. So there is at least some
precedent. The transition went rather smoothly. Most of the fixes done
in Ubuntu packages were pushed back into Debian and have been applied to the Debian packages. 99% of the problem was packages with build-depends
on libmysqlclient16-dev instead of libmysqlclient-dev.

I would expect a rebuild transition to pickup the new version of
libmysqlclient.  There are a few things which directly recommend or
suggest mysql-*-5.1, but those are, IMO, bugs, as the meta package is
the only one that will always be around.
Clint couldnt you just pull from downstream and make the necessary
adaptations in regards to the packages for debian?

In effect, I am downstream. I did most of the work in Ubuntu to complete
the 5.5 transition, and pushed most of it back up to Debian maintainers
as patches.

As we got later in the 12.04 release cycle, I had less time to push
things back through Debian. I also have been stalled out a bit in my DD
application process, so I've been relying on sponsors. Luckily Nicholas
has stepped up and can sponsor uploads for me.

I fully intend to spend some time on getting the 5.5 packages up to
date and in shape in experimental. Whether or not we can move them into
unstable/testing, I don't know.

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