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Re: python2.7: FTBFS(kfreebsd): testsuite hang

Matthias, do you plan an upload this weekend?

As up-to-date python2.7 builds are rather urgent (they're now blocking
the netcdf transition), it'd be very nice to have a fix in the
following days.

If you don't currently have time, please let us know so that it be NMUed.


El 18 d’abril de 2012 20:45, Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> ha escrit:
> # Bug 654783 cloned as bug 669281
> tag 669281 patch
> retitle 654783 race condition in libpthread causes hangs in python2.7 testsuite
> severity 654783 wishlist
> reassign 654783 libc0.1
> thanks
> Hi,
> It seems that outdated python2.7 on kfreebsd-* is the last problem
> holding off the netcdf7 transition [1] (v-sim is on dep-wait for
> python >= 2.7.2-13 [2]).  This is also holding off a fix for upstream
> issue 13817, which is needed to fix guitarix FTBFS (see #668240).
> OTOH, it introduces failure of a few tests (test_socket,
> test_threading, test_signal).  Additionally, I've seen the testsuite
> itself hang after all tests had been completed.  By looking at the
> debug information we've obtained so far, this seems like a
> libpthread-related problem, rather than an issue introduced by Python
> itself.
> As you can see, we're currently investigating the problems that cause
> these hangs.  However, taking the whole picture into account, my
> impression is that the new python2.7 fixes more problems than it
> creates.
> So, would you please consider disabling the testsuite on kfreebsd-* so
> that we can move on with the netcdf7 transition?  We will, of course,
> continue investigating the problems that cause this breakage.
> I'm attaching a (tested) patch to do just that.
> [1] http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/netcdf7.html
> [2] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=v-sim
> --
> Robert Millan

Robert Millan

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