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Bug#666067: transition: libkpathsea6


On Mi, 04 Apr 2012, Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> > Also #666293 (dvi2ps), which I missed before.
> I remembered that dvi2ps caused problem when we upgraded
> to kpathsea5.  
> It looks the maintainer is not active recently but I found 
> the upstream has released new version which is based on TL2009.
> It is not based on TL2012 but it is much better and much easier 
> to migrate to TL2012 than the current version.
> Anyway, I'll contact the maintainer.

Thanks, did you get any response?

> Norbert and all, I'm afraid we should prepare dummy packages
> to make upgrade smoothly at some point.  
> Is it TeXLive packages that build dummy packages? 
> Of course I'll build dummy package of my packages if necessary.

I have done that already, ptex-bin dummy package is now build from

> >> texfam is (obsolete) japanese TeX system and it should
> >> be removed if it failes to be compatible with libkpathse6.
> >> I'm not sure if texfam could be compatible with libkpathsea6 
> >> or not but I'll contact the maintainer about this issue
> >> afterwards.
> >> (BTW texfam might be programmed for libkpathsea3 or 4, IIRC)
> > 
> > Thanks.  Any news on that?
> Yes, we've already communicated successfully and 
> new beta version is released by the upstream.
> But please wait.  I believe it might take more time.

I have preliminary packages, but they need some fixup, but at
least they compile on current sources.

Best wishes

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