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Bug#667863: Britney hints for octave transition

[ Dropped CC to -release and replaced it by 667863@bugs.debian.org ]

On 16/04/12 11:26, Sébastien Villemot wrote:

As part of the octave transition, the following hints should be
added to allow testing migration of a bunch of Octave-related

easy octave-communications/1.1.0-2  octave-control/2.3.50-1
octave-data-smoothing/1.3.0-2 octave-econometrics/1:1.0.8-6
octave-financial/0.3.2-3 octave-ga/0.9.8-3
octave-miscellaneous/1.1.0-1 octave-optim/1.0.17-2
octave-signal/1.1.2-1 octave-statistics/1.1.0-1
octave-struct/1.0.9-2 octave-time/1.0.9-4 octave-vrml/1.0.11-2

easy octave-ocs/0.1.3-1 octave-odepkg/0.8.0-1

octave-ocs and octave-odepkg need to migrate at the same time as the
other packages. So they should be part of the big easy hint.

I've added the easy hint and will be processed shortly. (So we will see
if it did work) but I still see "red" packages on the transition tracker
[1]. So the transition is now completely finished yet (as I understand
it). Am I wrong? Is anyone working on getting those "red" packages fixed?

[1] http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/octave.html



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