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clone 666004 
block 666004 by -1
block 664078 by -1
block 664078 by 666004
reassign -1 ftp.debian.org
retitle -1 RM: kumofs on s390x/sparc (blocks transition of tokyocabinet)
severity -1 normal

Dear ftp-team,

Please remove kumofs for sparc and s390x.

kumofs is currently uninstallable on s390x and sparc due to a missing
run time dependency on those architectures. (See #620647 for details).

The problem of 620647 is, that this blocks the current transition of
libtokyocabinet. (I'm the maintainer of this package.) 

In course of a preparation of a NMU to fix 620647 and bring the
transistion forward, I asked for advice on debian-mentors and together
we worked out the following two-step strategy:
-- 1) Add an "artificial B-D" against libmsgpack-ruby1.8 to ensure that
the package is only built on the archs which have the runtime binaries
-- 2) Remove the offending packages from the archives.  

#1 has been done by the maintainter after announcing my NMU intention,
but unfortuantly he did not request removal up to now.

So I am now filing (as announced in 666004) this bug to request an "NMU
removal" for kumofs on sparc and s390x.

kumofs never entered testing, and (as said) uninstallable on
sparc/s390x, so there will be no impact for the users.

Also, as soons as the run time dependency gets available, kumofs will
automatically built for those archs again. 

Best regards,
Tobias Frost.

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