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Bug#666067: transition: libkpathsea6

Hi Adam,

> That would have been somewhat useful /before/ the packge was uploaded to unstable. :-(

Hahahahaha, sure, I can also wait another two years.

And BTW, how often has an upgrade of poppler broken TeX without prior warning? And recently wasn't it also zlib that did some incompatible changes, even *without* bumping so number?

> I guess we'll just have to binNMU them all and hope they build and work, then.

My guess is there will be Zero problem.

>  If not, your (collective) help in ensuring any issues are resolved speedily would be appreciated.

As much as we have received help with breaking poppler, or changed zlib, or ...?

Seems to be a rather one way obligation!?!?

Antway, sure we'll try to help sort out all problems, but next time I would appreciate a different tone.


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