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Bug#650601: [png-mng-implement] Lack of security in libpng 1.2

On 22.03.2012 11:00, Aníbal Monsalve Salazar wrote:
The message above is part of a discussion in the libpng development
mailing list about the *lack* of security of libpng 1.2, after the last
vulnerability was discovered by the chrome folks.

For more details see

So, the message is to move away from libpng 1.2 in Debian as soon as we

In that case, maybe someone could address some of the issues we raised when the transition was first proposed? e.g. the "requirement" for changing the development page name and thus needing otherwise unneccessary source uploads of a bunch of packages, the huge number of known FTBFS issues.

We don't just not start transitions for our own amusement, and the implication that the transition is primarily being blocked from our side is not really appreciated.



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